Here are the first few lines from a few of the personal (and political) reflections on social justice from an intersectional and feminist perspective. To read all the submissions in full, please download the PDF. 


  1. Anna, Be Yourself

  2. Tia Blosmanis-Lund, A Woman’s Idea of How the World Works

  3. Ethan Calof, Pain and Perspective

  4. Ophira Calof, The Medicalized Body

  5. Emmanuelle, Enough

  6. Emily, Intersectionality: Understanding the System of Oppression as a Whole

  7. Anna Heckadon, Reflections on “Slacktivism”

  8. Edwin Hodge, Against Apathy

  9. Veronika Krišandová, Feminism is for Everyone

  10. Elaine J. Laberge, Returning to the Barnyard

  11. Carolina Pereira Miranda, Relational Genealogy – Honouring Family Ties and My Place

  12. Cayla Naumann, What Made Me a Feminist?

  13. Karin Saari, Social Justice and Intersectional Feminism in Theatre: Art Must Imitate Life

  14. Angela Scott, Sisters Rising

  15. Waaseyaa’sin Christine Sy, Social Justice and Intersectional Feminism are Important but Not Enough

  16. Kelsey Weiss, Lessons from a Modern Working Woman

© 2018 Social Justice Anthology. Created and edited by K. Sark with

We acknowledge and respect the Songhees, Esquimalt and WSÁNEĆ peoples on whose traditional territory the University of Victoria stands and whose relationships with the land continue to this day.

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